Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wedding Stationery Guide: Ink Colors, Part III

In the first part of the Ink Colors portion of the Wedding Stationery Guide, I shared some ink color basics along with tips on how to accurately preview your colors. Part II of the ink colors series included helpful suggestions and considerations for choosing your colors. Today I'm going to talk about some very special "non colors" : white and blind impression.

If you see a flat print order that appears to have white ink printed on a colored paper (like the flat print version of the Dashing design, shown below) please note that the "color" is ink covering the paper, and the white portion is the paper showing through where no ink was printed.

formal wedding invites in navy

The exception to this rule is that we do offer flat printing in white ink for envelope addressing. This is an upgraded option, and is only available for a small selection of dark colored envelopes.

wedding envelope address printing

White ink printing is available with letterpress, however the letterpress inks are not 100% opaque so the paper color will show through. For example, white letterpress ink on black paper will appear a bit gray.

White foil stamping is available - this is the best choice when you want a completely opaque ink to prevent the paper showing through. White foil will have a little shine or gloss to it though.

Also referred to as "blind impression", "embossing" or "debossing", blind letterpress is the technique of letterpress printing with an un-inked plate to press a design into the paper with no color. The result is a subtle texture without color, and it is stunning! (seen below in the Harmony design)

Even though no ink is used, a separate printing plate is made for any blind letterpress portions, and the stationery is hand fed through a press an additional time to create the impression. Because of this, blind letterpress is priced as one ink color.

This concludes the ink colors portion of our wedding stationery guide! We'll be back soon with more information about the customization options available for Banter & Charm's wedding collection. Until then, you can view the other posts in this series here: The Wedding Stationery Guide

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