Thursday, July 14, 2016

Wedding Stationery Guide: Fonts, Part II

A couple weeks ago I reviewed the different font options available for Banter & Charm's wedding collection. Today we're going to talk about changing fonts in designs, and how it affects the overall look and feel of the invitation suite.

I'm going to use the Merriment suite in my first example. This design uses only one font, but the type is set at an angle (although it can be changed to straight across if you prefer!). The original design features Script 3 from Banter & Charm's font guide. It's a sweet, calligraphy inspired script with loopy flourishes.

calligraphy script invitations

Now let's look at the same design using a different font. Option 1 is shown with Hand Drawn 1 . This script is also calligraphy inspired like the first. It's a little more casual and rustic, but overall the design still has a similar feel to the original.
Option 2 uses Formal Script 3 - a more flourished and formal script font than the original. Now the design is feeling more elegant and traditional, but it still works well. It's also important to note that the text is somewhat harder to read because this script is fairly ornamental.
Now let's try some non-script font. Option 3 uses Miscellaneous 8 - a hand drawn sans serif style. Although this has a completely different look than the original design, it still works great! Option 4 uses Serif 1, a traditional serif font. It doesn't resemble the original at all! It also feels a little off with the type set at an angle. I probably wouldn't recommend this font for this particular design.
Next we have four versions of the Hope wedding invitation, using different script fonts for the names and venue, but the font for the main text stays the same. Each version is subtly different than the other, but they all have the same sweet, romantic feel.

Hopefully these examples will help you see how changing the font can impact the overall look and feel of the design. Font change is included with any wedding invitation order, so feel free to browse the Font Guide and try something different.

Next time I'll be sharing some tips on selecting fonts for your invitation suite!

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