Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wedding Stationery Guide: Sizing and Shapes

When browsing invitation designs, you will probably notice that most are available in a standard 5"x7" size  (also know as "A7" size). Although other sizes are certainly available, Banter & Charm follows tradition and offers all invitations and save the dates in the standard A7 size. Why? Well, there are a few reasons but the main one is envelopes.

While paper is easy to trim to different shapes and sizes, envelopes come in specific sizes. In order to offer a wide variety of colored envelopes and the pretty envelope liners that go along with them, it's best to stick to the standard sizes available.

An A7 size invitation (along with its inserts) will fit perfectly inside an A7 envelope. If you decide to go with an inner/outer envelope set, or if you add a backing layer or pocketfolder to your invitation suite, you'll need to up-size to the A7.5 envelope for your outer mailing envelope. Since this is a less common size, it's only available in a Fluorescent White or Pearl White cotton with a pointed flap.
You may also want to up-size to A7.5 if you have many inserts in your invitation suite, especially if they're printed on double thick 220# paper.

Our 4bar response card fits inside the 4bar size envelope (5.125"x3.625").

Additional sizes are available for items that aren't mailed individually: Insert cards are offered in A6 size, A2 size, 4bar size, and Mini size (business card sized). We also offer a 2" square size that can be used as a seal or favor tag, and a 3.875"x 9.25" size for programs and menus.

You can add a unique finish to your stationery without changing the size by choosing a die cut shape!

A custom die is used to trim the paper into various shapes. Standard options are shown below, but custom shapes are available.

Check back soon to learn more about the customization options available at Banter & Charm!
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