Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Funny Christmas Cards | 2016 Holiday Collection

This set of funny holiday cards is sure to spark a smile from all who receive them! Focusing on a "naughty or nice theme", and of these humorous Christmas card designs are a great way to show off your children's personalities.

Nice for Now features the cheeky phrase "on the nice list... at least for now" over your child's full bleed holiday photo. Available at Zazzle.com
funny christmas cards

Both Lists is a funny holiday card featuring a full bleed photo of your pet or family. Available exclusively at Minted.com

funny christmas cards for minted

Behavior Report is a funny take on the family newsletter Christmas card in an infographic style, featuring categories like "cookies consumed" and "conduct. Available exclusively at Minted.com

family newsletter christmas card

Nice Until Proven Naughty is perfect for the family with little ones that might not always be on the "nice list". Available at Zazzle.com
funny holiday photo cards

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